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Yunnan HuaFang Industrial Hemp Co. Ltd.
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Hempcrete services from the professionals

Issuing time:2018-04-18 13:19

(The article comes from the Internet.)

UKHempcrete is a UK construction company specialising in the use of Hempcrete or‘hemp-lime’, and other natural building materials. We provide a complete rangeof services for home owners, builders and architects who want to build withthese ‘deep-green’ construction materials.

Arelatively new composite material made from wet-mixing hemp shiv with a limebinder, Hempcrete provides a natural, vapour-permeable, airtight insulationmaterial which also has great thermal mass, giving it a uniquely effectivethermal performance. Using Hempcrete in your building creates healthy (chemical-freeand damp-free) indoor environments. It is a “better-than-zero-carbon material”,locking away more atmospheric carbon for the lifetime of the building than wasemitted during its construction.


In newbuild, Hempcrete is usually used to form walls, in combination with a timberstructural frame. It can also be used to create an insulating floor slab orroof insulation, allowing the entire thermal envelope of the building to beformed from Hempcrete.


Becauseit is vapour permeable and has the ability to form itself around any shapebefore setting, Hempcrete is the ideal material for upgrading the thermalperformance of older traditional and historic buildings. It is particularlysuitable for repairing timber frame infill panels, or adding insulation tosolid masonry walls, and works in harmony with the original building fabric intraditional buildings to prevent moisture from becoming trapped in the wall.

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